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TOP 3 recorders

Epiphan Lecture Recorder x2

Epiphan Systems

The Lecture Recorder x2 (LRx2) is a full HD video capture, recording and broadcasting hardware device designed specifically to grab educational content (both video and audio) from laptops, computers, projectors, camcorders… – virtually any source you may need to work with. It offers multiple options for recording data and sharing via network enabling a user [...]

Avermedia HD EzRecorder Plus


The Avermedia HD EzRecorder Plus is a digital video recorder which allows you to record footage from a cable/satellite set-top box, video game console, DVD player, digital camcorder – to be brief from any video source that features a component output. If you do not want to purchase a standalone DVR like TiVo, you can [...]



The problem of recording and streaming media is always actual these days. And it is no wonder that multiple IT companies all over the world keep developing new solutions for any taste and budget. The areas where these solutions need to be applied and the tasks that they solve are so numerous that developers in [...]



24 Sep

DVR Home Surveillance Systems

Editorial Team Security of your home is an important task and not a caprice. To protect your home against thieves and burglars what can be more serious? Until recently home security, home surveillance systems in particular, were considered as luxury, as they were very expensive systems to have installed into any home. The development in [...]

23 Sep

DVRs as a Part of Home Entertainment Systems

DVRs as a Part of Home Entertainment Systems Editorial Team Today the market offers wide variety of solutions for home entertainment systems: TV-sets, tuners, home theatres, recorders and etc. Let’s talk about recorders, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) in particular! Why DVRs? Well, video cassette recorders or VCRs, and digital video disc recorders or DVD recorders [...]


12 Sep

What is a Standalone DVR? What is PVR?

As the name suggests, a stand-alone DVR, also known as Non-PC-based Digital Video Recorder refers to a Recorder that includes multiple components and facilities into a single box. This box can include different boards, power supply sources, central processing unit (CPU) and other DVR-related services. In general a standalone DVR is a hardware solution designed [...]